It is an honor to have you at Fulton Bridge Baptist Church to join us in worship! We strive to be a Christ-centered worship community who encourages people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our aim is to make disciples for Jesus Christ through the Word of God, prayers, and fellowship with a community of believers. We minister to all ages in hope of shining the light of Christ and making a lasting impact within our community. (Acts 2:42-47)

It is an honor to be the pastor at Fulton Bridge Baptist Church with such an incredibly loving and supporting congregation. We broadcast on YouTube every Sunday morning at 10 AM and Sunday night at 5 PM. We hope to see you soon and may God bless you!

Shane Stidham - Pastor
Verse of the Day
Schedule of Services
Sunday Schedule:
9:00 am - Sunday School
10:00 am - Morning Worship

5:00 pm - Evening Worship

Wednesday Night Schedule:
6:30 pm - Outreach, Discipleship Training,
Youth Classes, Mission Friends, RAs, GAs

We will be broadcasting Sunday services live on YouTube. It will also be available on the web site at www.fultonbridgebaptist.org. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and the video will be there.

We will stream Sunday morning worship and Sunday evening worship on YouTube.

We hope to see you there each Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night, either in person or online!

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